A Day On The Calf Of Man | Un- Foodie Picnic

On Sunday Foodie Guide IOM packed a picnic and went to the Calf of Man with Port St Mary Boat Excursions. We just picked up a really un-Foodie Guide meal deal from CO-OP and then indulged in a cake from Cornerhouse Coffee in Port St Mary. The Cake was made with almond flour and chocolate and exactly what we wanted when we were halfway around The Calf, sun on our faces and feeling peckish.

Port St Mary Boat Excursions leaves from the Port St Mary harbor on most days but they always update their Facebook page with dates and times so check that out. It costs Β£10 – Β£20 which can be paid in cash. Call or facebook message to make reservations as once the boat is full there is no more room.

We were so excited to get off the island and explore the (almost) uninhabited Calf of Man, see some wildlife and enjoy a day at sea! We motored right down the east coast of the island past The Chasms and the Sugarloaf where there were loads of nesting birds. I can’t actually tell you what they are because I’m not a birder but everyone on board was very excited and the captain could definitely tell you what the birds were πŸ™‚

We landed on The Calf and were told we had 2.5 hours to explore. We set off along the pathway that leads north through the island at a good pace. We stopped every once in a while just to marvel at the quietness, the beauty of the landscape and to point out rabbits, flowers, beetles and birds. We got to the North Coast and sat down for our meal deal picnic which was delicious and hit the spot.

The view was INCREDIBLE and we sat there watching the sun come out and sailboats fight the current trying to get through the small passage.Β  The fields were covered in the most gorgeous bluebell wildflowers. There were Loghtan sheep with their lambs which were absolutely adorable. There was such a sense of calm and separateness from the island being on The Calf even though the Isle of Man is serence in and of itself.

The Calf is well worth a visit if you’re looking for a spectacular day outside seeing wildlife, experiencing nature and the sea. I cannot recommend Port St Mary Boat Excursions more and definitely pick up a picnic in Port St Mary at Cornerhouse Coffee, The Sugarloaf Cafe, The Fishhouse or even CO-OP if you want to follow our very un-Foodie Guide move of packing meal deals.

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