Guide To The South | Isle of Man Southern Foodie Guide

WHAT is happening in the South of the Isle of Man? It seems like a new restaurant/ bar or cafe is opening every other week. Okay…that might be an exaggeration but there is definitely some magic in the air down south. Can you feel it!?

This is not the definitive guide to the South, it’s Foodie Guide IOM’s guide to the South full of opinions, optimism and sometimes rose tinted glasses and that’s how we like it ๐Ÿ™‚


Secret Pizza Co.

Secret Pizza Co. opening in Castletown may just have been the catalyst for everything cool andย  delicious down south. After popping up at outdoor events, catering parties and private gatherings they built their bricks andย  mortar shop in Castletown, renovating an old barracks. With their avant-garde design I think they are EXACTLY what Castletown, The South and the Island as a whole needed!

Their pizzas are made from Manx Flour and Manx water which give the pizza a unique and delicious flavour. Their pizzas are all vegetarian and you get to add the meat of your choice if you want (they are delicious meat free). They have recently teamed up with Cow and Pig Smokehouse and have been slinging some AMAZING pizzas including a mushroom pizza (Holy Shittake with pulled pork!) They also have a fulled licensed bar and an outdoors space for bands!

Compton Vaults

What may have once been known as Bath and Bottle’s druggie cousin, Compton Vaults is my favourite place to get a drink down South. The atmosphere transports you somewhere else, perhaps a dark jazz club in Paris or a speakeasy in New Orleans? How about a converted basement basically under a thousand year old CASTLE on a rock in the middle of the Irish Sea!? That’s more like it! They serve Manx beer and Seven Kingdoms Gin Obvi but also things from farther afield curated by Bottle Monkey as well as hand crafted cocktails created by the legend (Juan) himself. Right I’m thirsty I want to pop over now.

P.S. Secret Pizza delivers here!

Italian Kitchen

A specialty Italian food store in theย  middle of our ancient capitol, how did we get so lucky down south!? What started in the summer as a near addiction to their cannolis blossomed into gelato on weekends in the square and then hot chocolate in the fall and then pasta and pesto in the winter. Italian Kitchen has everything you might need to stock your shelves with gorgeous products from Italy itself. Think artisan, think delicious, think lush. We love you Italian Kitchen and you’ve become a staple to Castletown.

Port St. Mary

The Fishery

Build in a converted shed by the sea this restaurant has pulled out all the stops. Designed by the gorgeous Rehab2 the shed has been transformed into the cutest sea side restaurant in the Port St Mary harbour. Fish Tacos, Fish and Chips, Brunch – they have it all. I would recommend a walk to the Chasms first and then indulging in your favourite meal here!

Cornerhouse Coffee

Ahhh my local coffee shop, what can I say I love it! One thing I always want when I move is being able to walk to a coffee shop and a grocery store. The walk to Cornerhouse Coffee and grabbing a cappuccino in the winter and an iced latte in the summer brings me so much joy. Big windows over Chapel Beach with tables outside let you enjoy the sun and the view when you’re sipping your coffee. They also stock bread from Ross Bakery (the team behind Alpine!!!!). Bagels, challah loafs, bloomers and baps oh my!

Port Erin

The Bay Hotel

When I heard Little Fish was opening at the Bay in Port Erin I could not be happier! When I first moved to the Isle of Man after discovering Little Fish I knew I could live here. Not only is the food wonderful, their atmosphere and decor are on point. Little Fish at the Bay is inventive and creative while still delivering to such a high level. Come here for the whole evening and spend time having wine and cocktails over differen’t courses or come here for brunch with your group of girlfriends for a fresh and local meal.

Foraging Vintners

Built in an oldย coal shed, it has been converted into the famous Foraging Vintners craft wine bar. They make their own Rhubarb and Elderflower sparkling wine as well as serve creative cocktails and amazing beer. This is THE best place to come with friends to chill and enjoy the sunset over Bradda Head. I would also recommend bringing a date here (wink wink!). 100% in love with Foraging Vintners


How cool is South!? Offering small plates with big punches of flavour, playful cocktails and brunch this place is so fun sitting right on the bay in Port Erin. Their Mac and Cheese in unreal as well as their vegan options!! I cannot wait for summer, longer evenings and coming into South for a bite to eat with friends and family!

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