What I Eat In A Year | Foodie Guide IOM’s 2018 Review

Okay, so maybe I didn’t eat all of these things in a year to myself…or maybe I did. It’s weird to think about all the things we’ve I’ve eaten in such a large amount of time. I do want to highlight everything that has opened on the Isle of Man this year and just kicked butt in general.

My year was strange. I missed TT and The Isle of Man food festival since I was in Canada. but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t 100% excited by the Isle of Man food scene.

January – February – March

The Alpine, Noa Bakehouse, Morgans Pies sounds about right for January!

Pancake day came and went so I went to Noa naturally! I said goodbye to a friend leaving the island with a drink at Barbary Coast. I watched someone eat Kippers…I discovered The Good Health store in Port Erin. Annnd went to Noa a couple more times.

More Alpine, more Noa and tried some Kombucha for good measure that tasted like vinegar. Went to The Apline’s Korean Pop up night and had a planning session at Cornerhouse Coffee!

Roadtrip to ramsey! Birthday at Little Fish and more Noa all for good measure.


We visited Northern Ireland and tried what they had to offer!

First visit to Cycle 360 and Riley’s Garden Center.

Summer came into full swing and Smoo opened!!! I had a Stixx and tried the New Manilla Street Food Pop up.


Visited Foraging Vintners, had more Smoo and celebrated Tynwald day.

Compton Vaults opened! Went to secret pizza for a birthday and went to Noa, duh!

Went on a date to New Hong Kong, Compton Vaults again and visited Liverpool for a long weekend!

Bought some Filipino snacks, Little Fish at The Bay opened and I ate more pizza.

We made numerous trips to The Italian Kitchen, tried traditional brazilian treats and went to secret pizza some more!

Had a roast at Cafe 2-6 and The Fishery Opened!


Cosy dinners at The Forge, Steamed buns from New Hong Kong and donuts!

Old favourites haunted, Noa Bakehouse, The Alpine and Patchwork Cafe to round out the year!




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