Coffee Guide To The Isle of Man

It’s no secret that we love coffee at Foodie Guide IOM. We need it to start the day, need it with breakfast, enjoy it with cake and love it as a pick me up. We love gooood coffee and also a coffee with a view. So we’ve put together a guide to coffee on the Isle of Man. We hope that locals and visitors enjoy this guide, find it useful and discover a new coffee spot!

For The Coffee

Noa Bakehouse

Noa is the Reigning Queen of the Isle of Man coffee scene in our eyes. Roasting their own beans, and having baristas who know their coffee means that they can offer a high quality caffeinated drink in any form to the lovely people of the Isle of Man. Because they roast their own beans, they are not just able to supply their bakehouse, but also offer it to other amazing cafes and restaurants. You can also buy it straight from them to enjoy at home! Their coffee is varied and exotic with different notes from fruity to chocolatey. You can’t beat their house blend, though: classic!


There’s not a lot better than sipping a gorgeous coffee surrounded by plants! Riley’s Garden Center uses Origin Coffee which is sourced sustainably through direct trade which means more money goes straight to the farmers it’s great to know exactly where their coffee comes from. You can shop for plants, specialty foods along with flora and fauna at Riley’s before grabbing a great coffee If you’re pressed for time take it to go.

For the Ambience

Alpine Cafe

The Alpine Cafe is undoubtedly one of our favourite spots on the island EVER. They produce delicious and nutritious salads, lunches, breakfasts, breads and cakes plus they offer Noa Bakehouse Coffee to their lovely patrons. I would suggest a delicious Pastel De Nada with your coffee or a brownie while you enjoy your 10/10 coffee. PS have I told you about their challah bread before?!? Their Instagram game is STRONG as well, which will get your mouth watering just in time for lunch.

Patchwork Cafe

A small update on Patchwork: as of January 1st they had closed but are reopening under new ownership and a new name so stay tuned!

Located on the Port St Mary high street, Patchwork might just the most homey and cutest cafe on the island. They have got those chill vibes with cactuses, chalkboard drawings and repurposed cans for cutlery but above all they have such kind and lovely people behind the business. As for coffee, they serve LaVazza and can really pour a delicious espresso shot. I suggest you grab a seat in the window so you can people-watch!

Cycle 360

Cycle 360 serves the fittingly-named racer blend of Coffeeman Coffee. They seamlessly merge great food and even better coffee. Whether you just need a pick-me-up or have the time for a leisurely brunch, Cycle 360 is a buzzing spot in the Business Park. Who knows, you might even come away with a new bike! Favourites of ours at Cycle 360 are the poached egg with avocado on sourdough toast and the breakfast bun. Their coffee is strong, delicious and impeccably made.

Silverdale Glen

There’s nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning when you’ve had a well-deserved lie in and you’re craving that first coffee of the weekend. Your initial thoughts might not go towards Silverdale Glen but believe me, the cafe is worth venturing out of bed for!. The cafe at Silverdale Glen has wooden beams, with the duck pond right outside the steps. The cafe has big windows that let in lots of light with views of the glen all around. I love coming for poached eggs on toast and coffee here than a walk around the glen and duck pond! They serve Segafredo Coffee imported from Italy.

For The Location

The Shed – Laxey

The Shed is located right on the gorgeous Laxey Beach. The Shed is right at the end of the beach and welcomes you with blankets, delicious coffee, Morgan’s pies, homemade treats, fresh juices, and ice cream. I have spent a whole afternoon here before drinking coffee and lounging by the sea. Bundle up and order a cup of their delicious coffee made with Coffeeman beans.

The Sound Cafe

A perfect view of the Calf of Man says it all for this top spot. In my humble opinion, I think the coffee could be better but the view wins me over every time. Coming here in the summer when the sun is shining and reflecting off the choppy water is brilliant. Likewise, in the winter when the wind is up and the waters are even choppier, it makes you feel 10 times cosier inside. OH, and, we haven’t even mentioned the seal pups that make an appearance every year!

Cornerhouse Coffee

Located on the corner of the main street in Port St. Mary you cannot beat the view of Chapel Beach from Cornerhouse Coffee. The coffee shop is in an old store and has big windows looking over the bay as well as outdoor seating across the street if you want to get nearer to the beach. They serve Manx Roast Coffee, a blend which is roasted and made on the Isle of Man.

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