Where To Get Festive, Loose + Merry This Holiday Season

1. Peggy’s

Okay but seriously, who the eff is Peggy? The brainchild of Jamie Lewis and Kate Hegarty Peggy’s is a pop up fancy discotheque that’s popping up on the Douglas prom from Nov. 22 (TODAY) until Christmas. They’ll be serving drinks like “Basic Bitch Spritz” and “Glasgow Kiss” as well as the classic espresso martini and G+BEE which features Roots Queen Bee Tonic. It’s going to be an absolute non stop party so I would suggest hitting up your squad in the group chat and getting booked in ASAP.

They’re going to be offering food as well to groups buffet style or choosing plates to share. Some of the dishes are things like buttermilk fried chicken, kedgeree arancini, nachos and drip and duck spring roll. Along with those are some other fancy AF plates. Their signature hashtag is #hereforagoodtimenotalongtime, GOD DO WE LOVE A POP UP!


2. Bath + Bottle

Bath & Bottle has fact become a Christmas staple (at least in my Foodie books). There is nothing like having a proposal, a nuclear frog and a snake in a vest with your best mates while the windows steam up, the lights dim and about 1000 people pack into Bath & Bottle on a cold and howling December evening. Some of my fondest memories during Christmas have happened in this fine establishment. This year the luggage room is being transformed into a ski lodge complete with a roaring fire. Think cheese fondue, Christmas films and canapé parties. NYE will be Miami Vice themed!

3. Compton Vaults

Once referred to as Bath & Bottles Druggie Cousin, Compton Vaults is Castletown’s newest addition to their thriving food and drink scene. The bar and events space is underground of Compton House just off Castletown square. They offer inventive cocktails, classics, gin, rum and of course beer to keep everyone satiated. Of course they will have countless gigs and a Christmas Fair to watch out for. Secret is out that there will be a house party happening.

From Douglas get the 1/ 11/ 2/ 2A stop C at the Lord Street Bus Exchange. Buses leave twice every hour.

4. Foraging Vintners

Tucked up on the far side of Port Erin bay, Foraging Vintners know how to throw a party. Cosy up in their boutique wine bar or grab a long table inside the brewery side and have a merry time with you and all your best friends. With their signature Ruhbee Fizz, a sparkling rhubarb wine. No doubt there will be festive markets and countless parties to be had at FV this holiday season. May we suggest Rhunessa, their newest rhubard sparkling wine or their Eltoora an elderflower sparkling wine as a gift for someone special this year!?

P.S. Don’t miss their Manxgiving to kick off the holiday season on the 22nd of November. Think turkey, trimmings and pumpkin pie + football!

5. South

Port Erin’s newest edition will be opening Nov 8th to the public with cocktails and small plates galore which just begs for a party!

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