The Best “American + Fluffy” Pancakes On The Isle of Man

We all love american pancakes at Foodie Guide IOM, actually it’s kind of an obsession. Also maple syrup…even better Canadian maple syrup! We often get asked “where the heck can I get american pancakes on the Isle of Man!?”. This is by no means a list of ALL the places you can get pancakes but it is the list of the BEST places in our opinion to get them.

Patchwork Cafe, Port St. Mary

A southern favourite in Port St. Mary – Patchwork Cafe is delicious, cute and always fresh and friendly. They have a set menu on the weekends with things like the Full Manx breakfast, the Little Manx, the Vegan Manx and more. They also have daily specials and have american pancakes on there at the weekends.

They serve them with bacon and maple syrup and let me tell you they are DE-LISH. I always get a flat white and freshly squeezed orange juice as well. I suggest walking from Patchwork Cafe around the bay to Brewerys Beach towards The Shore Hotel to blow the cow webs away after Patchwork’s pancakes.

Noa Bakehouse, Douglas

Noa Bakehouse is a favourite for a lot of our favourite breakfast dishes on the Isle of Man and their pancakes take the cake – we always get them! they serve them with toppings like nutella, banana and peanut butter, maple syrup and bacon and berries with yoghurt and honey.

The pancakes are fluffy and stacked in a tower. P.S. this is BabyToddlerFoods favourite place for pancakes on the Isle of Man!! I suggest walking down the Prom towards the Sayle Gallery after pancakes at Noa to get some sun and see what exhibits are on!

Cafe Red, Port Erin

This small and friendly cafe is across from the Railway station in Port Erin on the high street. They have friendly staff and a warm and cosy atmosphere (i.e. steamy windows and lots of tables for 2). They have traditional breakfasts like the full english as well and scrambled eggs on toast. They have american pancakes that they serve with whipped cream and your choice of strawberry, chocolate or maple syrup. Hike up Bradda Head afterwards to feel the wind in your hair after these delicious pancakes.

CYCle 360 – SEasonally SeRVING PANCAKES

Cycle 360 has be one of our favourite new spots on the Isle of Man. It’s just so COOL ya’know? It’s a bike shop, fitness center and cafe and they have nailed the cafe. It has an open airy, warehouse vibe and each detail has been thought through but they’re also not trying too hard. The food DELIVERS too – it’s not just all hype. I added Cycle 360 seasonally because they had their pancakes on the menu last month in July but not for August. I am thinking they will be back on soon though! These pancakes are seriously fluffy! We went off menu and asked for the berry and yoghurt pancakes WITH bacon and maple syrup…we are Foodie Guide right!?

Pancake SHOUTout – Downtown cafe, douglas

Downtown Cafe in Douglas is somewhere I had to include because their traditional pancakes are so great. With classics like lemon and sugar as well as strawberries and cream – you can even get ice cream on top!

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