The Alpine | Douglas, Isle of Man

The Alpine may just be my foodie one true love on the Isle of Man. My strong positive personal feeing aside, The Alpine is a delicious cafe open everyday serving fresh local and nutritious food that’s really really really tasty.  When you first walk in there are seats to the left and counters to sit and eat lunch at along the right hand side and front of the restaurant. At the back counter where you order your food they lay out their fresh daily salads. These range from miso courgette to middle eastern inspired artichokes and pomegranates and potato salad.

Some of the amazing specials are the salt beef bagel, pulled pork, fried chicken sandwich, assortments of tarts like goats cheese and red pepper and fresh daily soups.

Their coffee is on point because they use Noa Bakehouse beans and come in the cutest cups you’ve ever seen. Everyone behind the counter knows how to pour a perfect espresso shot and every coffee comes with a sweet (how thoughtful!) They also have fresh teas like using real mint leaves for mint tea and iced teas.

The Alpine Pop Up Night’s

The cherry on top of The Alpine being a delicious cafe in the day is the fact that they put on POP UP NIGHT’s that let them experiment and offer different types of cuisines. I’ve been to three different nights now and they have all been amazing in their own right. The first was an Italian night where they had beef short ribs that had been slow cooked and fall off the bone delicious. The second night was a Korean night and the most recent night was a Vietnamese night where they served Pho! Check their Facebook page for the  most up to date information about Pop Up nights and book in ahead of time to secure your spot.

A tip from FoodieGuideIOM: Book in a few nights when they announce them even if you don’t know who you’re going with yet – you can always find a friend last minute but you’ve secured your spot.

FoodieGuide’s Favourite Dishes At The Alpine

Some of my favourite dishes are the Salt Beef Bagel – I mean you just can’t go wrong. Bring your appetite because this will be your main meal of the day. They brine a piece of Manx beef brisket for a week then poach it for a few hours. It’s then served on a bagel with their own pickles, horseradish mayo and rocket.

Another favourite is to get a plate of mixed salads with hummus. Always fresh and creative (and healthy!) you can’t go wrong with the mixed salads.

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