Rosa’a Pantry | Ramsey, Isle of Man

If you live on the Isle of Man you might know the jokes…”I haven’t been to Ramsey in years” or “I went on a road trip to Ramsey once!” Can one go on a “road trip” on the Isle of Man? Not sire but the fact is that even though the island is small people like comfort. All I can say is that I DO make the trip to Ramsey from down south often. I pack car snacks and pick music and head to Ramsey JUST to visit Rosa’s Pantry it’s that nice!

Rosa’s pantry looks like the kind of cafe that you might find in London tucked away on a side street bustling with locals. There are crisp white subway tiles on the wall with plenty of bard board accents and wood tables. There philosophy of serving local and healthy dishes is apparent from the chalkboard wall of where they get all of their ingredients from.

Rosa’s pantry is perfect for breakfast/ lunch or brunch! She serves Paula’s Kitchen Granola with local Dairy Shed Yoghurt, a personal favourite and drizzles with honey! It’s delicious and hits the spot with a cappuccino. They make daily specials and filling and nutritious meals that always seem to be different every time I am there.

Rosa’s pantry is the first place that I ever had the pleasure of having rarebit! What a delight it was! It was delicious and so yummy with Isle of Man Creamery cheese!

At Rosa’s pantry they also make their very own sourdough bread.

If you do something this weekend…make it a trip to Ramsey and visit Rosa’s Pantry! Or if you’re in Ramsey try Rosa’s instead of the chain Costa for a coffee. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Not only is Rosa’s delicious you’ll feel better knowing you’re supporting another local Isle of Man resident.

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